How to rearrange titles in the top banner

To rearrange titles in the top banner of a WordPress site using the EntertopWP plugin, you’ll typically follow these general steps. Keep in mind that the exact process might vary slightly depending on the specific theme or version of EntertopWP you’re using, but these guidelines should help you navigate the process:

  1. Log into Your WordPress Dashboard: First, you need to access your WordPress admin area by entering your site’s URL followed by /wp-admin/.
  2. Navigate to EntertopWP: Once you’re logged in, navigate to the page where you want to rearrange the titles in the top banner. You can do this by going to the Pages section, finding the specific page, and clicking the “EntertopWP” option to edit the page with Beaver Builder.
  3. Access the Top Banner Section: In EntertopWP’s front-end visual editor, hover over the top banner section where the titles are located. You should see various controls appear, such as moving, editing, or deleting elements.
  4. Edit the Titles: To rearrange the titles, you might need to click on the specific module or row that contains the titles. Look for an option to edit the module (usually a wrench icon or similar). Once you click it, you’ll be able to modify the titles directly.
  • If the titles are text within a module, you can simply drag to rearrange or edit the text directly.
  • If the titles are part of a more complex element like a slider or header module, look for layout options within the module’s settings that allow you to reorder items.
  1. Drag and Drop to Rearrange: EntertopWP allows you to drag and drop modules and rows. If the titles are separate modules, you may be able to drag them to your desired order. Click and hold the module, then drag it to the new position.
  2. Review and Publish: Once you’ve rearranged the titles as desired, review the changes to ensure everything looks good. EntertopWP offers a live preview, so you can see how the adjustments look in real time.
  3. Save or Publish Your Changes: Don’t forget to click the “Done” button in the upper right corner of the EntertopWP interface. You’ll then have the option to save your changes as a draft, publish them immediately, or discard them.

This process doesn’t require any specific steps from the knowledge source provided but is based on general practices with WordPress and EntertopWP. If your site has customizations or specific configurations not covered here, you might need to adjust the steps accordingly.